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Anode Heart is a monster taming RPG, inspired by Digimon and PS1 era JRPGs, where you collect and raise "Tama", meet and recruit friends, as you piece together the story and the lore.

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The free demo is about 2 hours long. It represents about ~10% of the planned full game. 

If you'd like to support this game's development, I have a patreon (+ there are bonus rewards for supporters!)

If you have any feedback or you encounter any problems or bugs, comment below or ask in Discord.

Thank you for playing!


(under construction)
WIKI: https://anode-heart.fandom.com/wiki/Anode_Heart_Wiki

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Stochasticcc


StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Cute, JRPG, Monsters, Pixel Art, Retro, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Playstation controller
LinksSteam, Steam, Patreon, Homepage, Twitter, YouTube

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Really cool so far, but it kinda softlocked on me and I lost some progress :/ According to a discussion on steam it happens when your Tama is KO'd by an enemy interrupt


Yep sorry about that :/ I fixed it in the meantime, but this is an old demo that I haven't updated yet

Man !!! what a job you're doing here! how many of you are working on this project ??? congrats! I love your art! and passion here!


It's just me! :D free assets like fonts, music and sounds were also used, but as far as "the team" goes it's a team of one at this moment

Wow man !!! you're amazing !! you can create tutorials in the future! 

tiny grammar issue

Small grammar nitpick, but might need to say "but we still don't know how Tama came to exist in the first place..."

Ah, true, I'll fix that. Thank you for the report!

On one hand, I don't want it to be fixed, 'cause a staple of some poorly translated JRPGs are typos like this, but on the other, I feel like people won't take it as seriously with them there, being released modern-day despite its obvious influences

true, would be an interesting meta thing to do - to purposefully leave those typos in to simulate the old JRPG vibe :D but yeah, it's better to fix it

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i'm back, i have been busy these day so it was hard for me to play game, i found this video in my PC but i never uploaded it so............. hope u like it and still waiting for someone to tell me how to find the key card

Whats up guys i'm back with another video, but i also wanted to ask where can i find the key to unlock the big gate plz tell me cuz i do not know

i video will be coming soon its a TBT i'm making time for it

Here is the real video i made, sorry for the mix up

Ohh nice, thank you for the upload! :)

you are welcome, just doing my job as the king of anode heart

Hey, the King here, sorry i took too long to upload the video but go check it out "no thubmnaill"

ck it  out

hey there! that's the old version. You'll need to download it again (it should say "0.2" in the corner, when you start the game)

i knw that i just uploaded the wrong video, my mistake

I love what I've seen so far, this game looks so promising! The inspiration from the Digimon World games is clear to me, but the game easily stands on its own two legs.

I have a quick question though: How do you access the daycare? I got the two tunnel people to join, but they always tell me to come back at a later date... But I think I have reached the end of the demo now.


Hey, glad you liked the demo! I recommend replaying it once the next update comes this month, almost all of the overworld areas have been revamped and some new mechanics have been introduced.

As for your question; You need to recruit Tami as well (the Bank NPC) and she'll open the daycare. I'll make this more clear through dialogue in the next update as well. Did you recruit Benny? If so, then yep that's the end of this demo.

ok i'm back with another video hope you'll love it

Hey! I've updated the game to version v0.2! It's a pretty big update, so hope you'll check it out :)

ok my dude i will

Just played the demo and I loved it!

(my mic was acting up in this video )i'm back, the king is back with part 5 or 6(i can't remember how many videos i made on this game) and in this video i played the new update another video will come so i will post it were again ok


nice game ,, thanks, golem are strong ,my bird can't beat it XD

Thank you! I recommend a Fire or Elec-type Tama to deal with the Golem :)

Finally I can be rid of the damnedable Crable eating a team slot! I'm so excited to pick this game back up where I left off, and now actually be able to properly collect monsters. :)

I guess I should have put it in the daycare, but there was something quite cathartic about being rid of it forever...


I feel you :D Let me know if you need help with anything!

part 5 is now out so go watch it and part 6 coming soon

Hey, there's a new version out now, v0.1.1. It introduced new areas, CP for techs (essentially PP, if you played Pokemon) and many other tweaks.

let me check it out


I found a bug in the early game where if you go to the broken bridge to the right of the building, go the the right of the bridge, then straight upward you can access a black field. Also the character can walk out the camera. It's pretty funny lol.

I love these type of games. Looking forward to next updates!


i'm back. this time i'm going for a well-just call me  the king of anode heart

New update will come out next week. Hope to see you play it! :)



I really love the pokemon-esque style of this game. It's really cool. I enjoy the music but the lack of music at the start felt kind of weird. The levels too were pretty neat. Although I didn't finish the demo(because i had no idea where to find the last ingredient), this was a solid demo. Hope to be able to play the full release!


Thank you for the review! Which ingredient did you miss in the end? I'll add more hints on how to find it ingame.

i really love this game but i think this is my last video on this game i'll think about making another video on this game some time but now NO

Thank you! An update will be coming soon (July most likely) so stay tuned.

then i will wait

I think the sign in the west of Kernel Dump should say "West: Binary Forest."

You can clip through the dock on Memory Lake just where the post in the sand on the right and walk on the background.

And at a point I was being transported back to Kernel Dump randomly. At one point in the middle of a fight when I still had two Tama left.

Still a great demo. Looking forward to the finished product.

i love this game plz download this game and i hope it  will be  finished soon

i really loved this game and how it  was made, the story is great as well keep it up my man i'm loving the work

thank you <3

you are well come, oh i will soon upload part 5 of my gameplay video of your game

does it have a virus because its taking to long but i like it


yes it installed yay 

No, not to my knowledge :) Enjoy.

i enjoyed it yay :D im even following you

Omg I love it! As someone that has played the old Digimon World 1 & 3 games, I definitely see the inspiration! I've encountered a few bugs while playing, I'll probably join the Discord to mention them :)

Glad you liked it! Those are some of my favorite childhood games :) I responded to you in Discord but I'll mention here as well - I only mapped PS4 joystick buttons for now. I'll add more sensible support for the Xbox controller in the future.

This is great so far. I loved it!

Thanks for playing :) I'm glad you liked it!